Considered one of the make-up pioneers of the twentieth-century, Max Factor (1877-1938) born in Poland, worked at the Russian court as a makeup artist and manufacturer of wig to the Romanovs, in 1904, moved to Los Angeles, USA, where he opened a shop perfumes, cosmetics and beauty items that had among customers, actresses like Katherine Hepburn, Bette Davis and Rita Hayworth.

The book tells the story of an entrepreneur who has always been ahead of its time and revolutionized the concept of beauty, at a time when the makeup was only used by artists and prostitutes. He became famous in Hollywood and his name became synonymous with a true economic empire with the help of his son Frank Factor (1904-1996).

The Max Factor brand was sold in 1973 and is currently owned by Procter & Gamble.

The life of the creator of gloss, false eyelashes and the basis, among other products, is told in the book Max Factor – The man who changed the face of the world, by Fred E. Basten, Matrix Publisher.

Fred E. Basten had unrestricted access to all files of Factor family ranging from letters, notes and photographs memo to the company, sales bulletins and newspapers. “I worked for Max Factor Company for many years. Max was no longer alive, but his spirit could be seen everywhere. And the mere mention of his name triggered wonderful reactions in all the  people, “he says.