After research shows that consumers of L’Occitane au Brésil, the Franco-Brazilian brand of the L´Occitane Group developed in Brazil, would like more affordable prices for their products, the brand, when completing 13 years in the country, reposition its prices and presents a campaign with actress Fernanda Souza.

Fernanda, chosen by the brand for its authentic and fun profile, will help tell the stories of L’Occitane au Brésil and present lines over the next few months. Her debut as the brand’s first ambassador will be starting on July 3, in a campaign where she will present the brand’s price repositioning.

With values up to 40% lower, the brand will maintain the same standard in all products already in the portfolio, taking their true stories to their consumers.
In the campaign “A Brésil of meeting in your hands”, presented in a light and fun way, Fernanda Souza will tell these stories of the brand, now with more affordable prices. There will also be a squad of 15 influencers providing regionalized support for the message. The pieces will be unfolded throughout the month of July, and will be broadcast on open TV, bus stops and digital.

The brand will also reinforce its essence, which since its launch in the country works with values such as environmental responsibility, appreciation of Brazilian natural ingredients, responsible partnerships with local communities, in addition to Franco-Brazilian know-how.

The campaign was conceived in conjunction with VML, MktMix, Colucci Agentes and Brigitte Filmes.