The arrival in 2014 of Jonathan Anderson as creative director of Loewe – a Spanish luxury accessories and fragrances brand, has been emphasizing the values of the brand, giving new emphasis to the fundamental link of the house with art and culture.

Its Loewe Perfumes division in particular, has embarked on an adventure of its own to show the attributes that have characterized its essence. His natural connection to the theme of Loewe in 2018 was the art.

Thus, impacted by the incredible botanical images of Karl Blossfeldt (1865-1932) in the 2016 launch of Loewe 001, whose daring packaging shows botanical images transformed into art, was a prediction of the purest values that would soon accompany all Loewe fragrances and which now arrive to the country.

Now, the brand brings to the country the new stage for the perfumes of Loewe, within the concept of nature and skin. The ‘white spot’ on Sephora stores presents the masculine and feminine perfumes of the brand in black and white packaging, with the images of these plants, true sculptures, bringing meanings and connections with each of the fragrances. They are distinguished among collections, for a discreet color on top of the boxes.

Human skin plays a starring role in the first image-changing campaign of the perfumes of Loewe directed by Finnish photographer Arno Rafael Minkkinnen, who photographed in black and white, the naked skin free of superfluous adornments to convey the hidden and sincere beauty that exists behind the natural forms. It is used as a sensual, timeless and intimate vehicle to transmit human conditions – strength, calm, love, joy, etc. – invisible ingredients of all brand fragrances.

The campaign, with strong emotional impact, provides a counterpoint to the new and distinctive packaging that unifies all the fragrances of the house. A careful black and white graphic design that shows the art and typography of Blossfeldt and provides a recognizable context within which the history of each essence can unfold freely, ready to become palpable in human skin.