Global cosmetics company L´Oréal has developed, together with Albea, paper-based cosmetic tubes, broader sustainability commitments from both companies, signatory to the Ellen McArthur Foundation’s New Plastics Economy global commitment.

Co-created tubes use a certified bio-based paper-like material to replace most plastic. Technological innovation should be launched soon, with industrial planned for 2020.

Philippe Thuvien, vice president of packaging and development at L’Oréal, said that since 2007 the company has been constantly improving the environmental footprint of its packaging and that it is expected to launch in the second half of 2020.

“L’Oréal is committed to improving the environmental or social profile of 100% of its packaging by the end of 2020,” he said.

Gilles Swyngedauw, Albéa’s Vice President of CSR, Innovation and Marketing, said that through collaboration with its customers and partners, the company can invent safe, circular and minimal impact packaging for the beauty market and their needs. ”This partnership of innovation with L’Oréal reflects this ambition and this conviction, ”he said.

This innovation was designed as an alternative solution for certain types of cosmetic packaging. Its environmental benefits will be assessed through a Life Cycle Analysis with various criteria.