L’Oreal, through its president and CEO Jean Paul Agon announced the new commitment that the group established to transform up to 2020 its  sustainability footprint, while achieving its ambition of winning 1 billion new consumers.

The strategy for the brand´s universalization aims to answer all beauty needs of different men and women around the world, with a commitment to produce more, but with less impact and engage consumers so that they can make sustainable choices by offering them products that is at the same time sustainable and desirable.

Company in turn is committed to improving every part of their value chain, from research to operations, while sharing its growth with the communities it touches through “Sharing Beauty with All”.
“We are proud to announce the” Sharing the beauty with everyone, “our commitment to sustainability for 2020. We believe that consumers are at the heart of our sustainability drive. We will raise awareness about sustainability and encourage consumers to make more sustainable choices , “said Jean Paul Agon.

With the assistance of international experts , as Sze Ping, Chinese environmentalist, former Greenpeace activist, Executive Director of Greenovation Hub; Zem Joaquin, American, eco-luxury specialist and founder of « eco-fabulous » website aiming to make sustainability desirable, among other personalities who work for the environmental cause, the plan establishes a commitment to innovation and sustainable production,  sustainable way of leaving, with 100 % of all new products and all brands making information available to allow consumers to make lifestyle choices sustainable development in a sustainable way, with health care, social protection and training to their employees around the world, suppliers evaluated and and selected on social and environmental performance ; aid and inclusion of more than 100 thousand people communities , including education and employment of people with disabilities and socio- ethnic groups underrepresented .