Amazon entered the virtual make-up category in collaboration with L’Oréal‘s ModiFace, virtual reality business, allowing site customers to use their mobile phones to digitally test the lipstick tones of various brands. The site sells lipstick from various brands, including competitors from L’Oreal, such as Estée Lauder Clinique, or Revlon.

The contract goes beyond makeup tests only for L’Oreal’s own brands such as Maybelline and Lancome but is limited to lipsticks for the time being. The service will be launched in the United States and Japan by mid-2019.

The Augmented Reality (RA) simulation of each shade is automatically provided based on the analysis of AI-fed information provided by make-up marks.
ModiFace, a Canadian company specializing in Augmented Reality and Artificial Intelligence, has partnered with Garnier, MAC Cosmetics, as well as Macy’s, Sephora and Facebook.

ModiFace’s CEO Parham Aarabi said he was “delighted” to partner with Amazon and that the partnership would allow customers to easily “try-on thousands of lipsticks available on Amazon”.

The advantage, according to Amazon beauty chief Nicolas Le Bourgeois, is that the new technology will allow Amazon customers ‘to sample thousands of lipsticks, save photos to their devices and share with friends to buy with more confidence.’

L’Oreal bought ModiFace in March 2018 because it invests in technology, develops “smart” sensory hair brushes that tell people how to take care of their hair or virtual tests for a generation of “selfie” users.

Amazon, in turn, has just launched its own line of beauty and cosmetics called “Belei”, taking advantage of the growing demand for creams and skin treatments.