Affluent consumers have become the most digital savvy in the world, using multiple devices to research purchases online before they buy, according to a survey from Google and Ipsos. The survey, named A Look at Luxury Shoppers Around the World, found that 45% of potential customers prefer to watch videos of products and how they are used or worn, while viewers in China, Brazil and Russia do the most research before purchasing. Customers in these emerging markets are the ones most reliant on digital media to purchase and are also the most frequent luxury buyers. Around 56% of them are women with an average age of 37.

Over the past two years, people in this demographic purchased 22.7 luxury items on average per person, with an average spend of $2,600. Finally, 92% of them use the internet before purchase with the vast majority using a search engine. Consumers in mature markets such as the US, the UK, Germany, France and Italy consult only half as many sources as those in emerging markets, but around two thirds still do their research online.

The split is even between men and women, but the average age is older, at 46, and they only buy an average of 12.9 luxury items per person over two years, with an average spend of $2,288.