The Mary Kay Way arrives in Brazil by Editora CLA (R$ 42,00), on the fiftieth anniversary of the Mary Kay founding, a multinational  company of direct selling created in 1963 by American Mary Kay Ash.
Revised, updated and reissued in 2008 in the United States, with testimonials from women who are part of the independent sales force of the company, the book first published in 1984 became a bestseller in the country.

With 287 pages (23 chapters) the book outlines the principles that are the basis of the operations, growth and worldwide reputation of Mary Kay, among them his Golden Rule: “Treat others as you want to be treated.”

Mary Kay Ash created a very distinctive management style, being, according to the publisher, subject of study and broad recognition among businessmen and academics. With an independent and global sales force  that counts with  2.5 million people, the company  now has total sales exceeding 3 billion dollars annually.

“Our secret is a unique concept of leadership, based on the Golden Rule, which allows that fair practices thrive in business. Our methods are applicable to any organization, and the purpose of this book is to share it  with you, “said Mary Kay Ash, the introduction to the book. Mary Kay Ash died in 2001.