Mary Kay , one of the world’s leading beauty and direct sales brands in over 40 countries, has sent to the country’ its top marketing executive and its newest scientific director to better understand the Brazilian market, its habits in beauty consumption, the climate, the needs and especially the opportunities of this market that, if 19 years ago was important ,  ended up becoming one of the most important for the company.

Dr. Lucy Gildea has been at the company’s global headquarters in Addison, Texas (USA) for 8 months as Chief Scientific Officer. Her job is to offer more innovative products to the brand and expand her patents to keep Mary Kay among the leading innovators in the cosmetics and direct-selling market.

Sheryl Adkins-Green is the leader in the company’s global marketing strategy in brand positioning, new product development, advertising, digital marketing, consumer product education and innovation, besides supporting all the Beauty Consulters of the brand in the world.

Both heavy visits to this market suggest the search for a greater positioning of the company in this market and strong competition in the area of skincare, a segment in which the company is strong worldwide, since it holds more than 1,300 patents for products, technology and packaging design in its global portfolio – more than 130 of them awarded in 2016.

“Brazil is a very important market for us. It’s one of our top 5 markets, ” said Dr. Lucy Gildea in a press meeting last week. “So for me it is very important to know better this market, its culture and to know what is happening in the beauty industry of the country”.

Next year, Mary Kay will be completing 20 years of work in Brazil and it seems that the company wants to celebrate in style, bringing new products and conquering more space: “We want to understand this market, its needs, to know what you are using, what you need and where there are market opportunities, “says Dr. Lucy, who has a Bachelor’s degree in Biology and a PhD in Cellular and Molecular Biology, Immunology and Infectious Diseases. “We have just completed a global study in which significant research was done in Brazil to really understand which products we want to develop in the future for this market,” she says.

Present in over 40 countries, the company, one of the largest direct sales in the world, has an extensive makeup portfolio, awards in skin care and fragrances, including some especially developed for the Brazilian market. “This is one of the areas where we want to keep customized launches to Brazil,” says the executive. “We are partnering with leading fragrance houses to ensure the latest innovations and technologies in fragrances for our portfolio in the country.”

Mary Kay will also develop a work to raise the awareness of Brazilian women about the importance of skin care. “The Brazilian market is very aware of the importance of skin care for the body, but the skin on the face is the most exposed to the environment. We want Brazilian women to really understand the importance of skin care and to offer them trends in our wide range of colors for makeup, especially our 16 foundation shades and a line of fragrances that meets the needs of the Brazilian market “, says the CSO.

Although the company is concerned with providing a portfolio of products that meet the needs of the market, considering the country’s climate, the brand does not provide a sun protection line for the Brazilian market. There is only one product. “Our goal is to develop more for the future. We do not know yet if a line, but I want to make sure that we can provide correct sun protection for the Brazilian market, “says Dr. Gildea.