The MCassab Group announces the launch of BeautyOn, a digital communication platform aimed at the Personal Care industry, which will allow interaction between players in the industry, the public who consumes cosmetics and is interested in health and beauty issues, and about the use of ingredients multifunctional, for example.

BeautyOn is made up of webinars, podcasts and the official profile of the Group on Instagram by @mcassabpersonalcare. Podcasts are available on the company’s channel on major audio streaming players. To participate in webinars, just follow the profile on Instagram to see the calendar of events and register via GoToWebinar, using the registration link.

The MCassab Group, a national distributor of products for the cosmetic segment, founded 90 years ago, is in tune with the new times, innovates thou in this way by using podcasts in the mix of digital communication tools to get closer to stakeholders.

“In the webinars, which help to replace face-to-face events, we bring a little bit of the market landscape, with current trends and subsidies to supply industry and generate insights based on consumers’ behavior and desires. Podcasts have a lighter approach , informal, with data and ideas for the cosmetic industry, as well as some tips for the final consumer on how to take care of themselves “, says Gláucia Abraços, Head of Personal Care of the MCassab Group. The episodes counts with the participation of experts of the company and guests.

The first contents were produced in early June. The webinar brought important indicators about the current crisis, e-commerce opportunities and promising market trends. The first podcast addressed the hair care routine in times of social isolation and the importance of constant cleaning of the wires, since they can become vectors of contamination and spread of the COVID-19 virus.

Among the subjects that should be addressed in the next episodes are the pleasures in skin care, makeup routines and vegan and natural makeup. The MCassab Group intends to keep BeautyOn on the air even after the pandemic and is studying the integration of other channels.

“These digital tools bring us closer and closer to our audience and, in some cases, it also serves as inspiration for their audiences. Through them, we bring more technical knowledge to customers, in addition to ideas and market trends, so they can be used even in campaigns and other initiatives. The digitization of our channels reflects in B2B4C (B2B for C), streamlines communication and results in speed for the MCassab Group’s businesses and customers, with a vision of innovation “, concludes Andrea Adams, Personal Care Business Development Manager.