Launched in Brazil during FCE Cosmetique fair, Ronastar® Red Lights of Merck´s  Performance Materials division, is part of the Smart Effects program, of trend-seeking, or pigments of the future.

The Ronastar® Red Lights pigment can generate various intensities of red color – from a subtle red to a bright and flashy, or even a transparent tone if combined with other pigments.

On the skin, the performance pigment ensures intense brightness effects when in contact with light, bringing a compelling red glow similar to that of precious stones, in addition to ensuring softness to the skin.

“The Ronastar® Red Lights pigment is specifically designed to provide bright, intense red tone for lipsticks, enamels, shadows and other products. The new product have come to add to the successful Ronastar® Lights line, that includes the golden pigment Golden Lights, “says Leonardo Lima, Merck’s Performance Materials Cosmetics Marketing Manager.