Bioreactor used for dye production with microorganisms

Boticário Group, owner of the brands O Boticário, Eudora, quem disse, berenice ?, The Beauty Box, Multi B and Vult, established a cooperation partnership with Embrapa Agroenergia to seek an alternative route to industrial coloring inputs.
The biotechnological dye production project aims to create a way to obtain colors: to produce dyes through the fermentation of fungi, bacteria and microalgae.

“We believe in Brazilian innovation capacity and in the synergies between technological research institutions and industrial companies. For us, the cooperation agreement with Embrapa Agroenergia is a practical example of this thinking, “says Paulo Roseiro, R & D director of Grupo Boticário.

The initiative is part of the research and development area of the Group, which invests constantly in alternative methods, seeking new technologies for cosmetics, such as the creation of human skin developed in the laboratory (Pele 3D), or organs on a chip, which communicate the skin with the immune system of the human body in tests.

“Increasingly, the tendency is for projects like these to be replaced by innovative solutions with high potential for sustainability, provoking a change of mindset for traditional processes in the cosmetics industry,” adds Roseiro.