Millipharma company of the German group Strada brings multivitamins line Eunova to Brazil, first market of the Americas for the brand that is the third in Europe and is present in 50 countries.

The official launch of the company was on the 7th, World Health Day, with the donation of multivitamins products and sporting goods to Deportiva Association for the Disabled (ADD) and included the presence of the King of Football Pelé, ambassador of Stada & Millipharma since 2014: “I am glad to be the ambassador of a company committed to technology and innovation, and that wants to invest in Brazil,” he said at the launch event.

Eunova, first line of products coming into the country, consists of seven products for the whole family – from vitamins to calcium and energetic products. It is planned launches and innovations in the coming months. All products are free of lactose, gluten and milk proteins and can be found in pharmacies in Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo. In the coming months it will also be present in Minas Gerais drugstores, Espírito Santo, and in the South of the country.

To start the expansion and consolidation of the company, Millipharma highlights the importance of the internal market: Brazil has one of the best growth rates for the pharmaceutical industry and a great potential to be one of the main markets for the company in the future. The goal of Millipharma is to launch next year, new innovative lines in diagnostics and cosmeceuticals – products whose interaction with the body is largest, proven and can be prescribed in individual medical formulations. They serve as a bridge between the products of personal care and pharmaceuticals.