With the support of the Brazilian Vegetarian Society (SVB), Natura will serve in its restaurants a special menu on Mondays, which will replace animal protein forvegetable protein. Linked to the Second Meatless Movement, present in more than 40 countries and promoted in Brazil by the SVB, the initiative is the first in the country in a large company. More than 4,500 employees will be benefited and invited to reflect on the impacts of their consumption choices.
The Director of Compensation and Benefits, Marcos Milazzo, explains that the change will occur gradually, removing the beef and pork from the menu on Monday to allow the employees to adapt. “In addition to the inviting tone to try new habits and tastes, we want to mobilize our network of employees for the importance of individual choices in caring for the environment,” he says.

The company’s decision to join the movement took into account that one of the greatest damage to the environment comes from excessive consumption of beef. In Brazil, livestock farming mainly impacts the deforestation of the Amazon region, with the creation of pastures and the cultivation of plantations that feed animals, which also increases the emission of greenhouse gases.

With the implementation of the Monday Meatless, Natura will be helping to preserve the equivalent of approximately 500 hectares of vegetation – the size of two Ibirapuera Park in São Paulo – and save 5 million liters of water – or 40 thousand of baths of 15 minutes. In addition, the consumption of 1.5 million kg of soya beans, which normally goes for animal feed, will be avoided and greenhouse gas emissions reduced by 1.5 million kg – the same as circulation 330 thousand cars over a year. “We understand that we all need to do our part, day by day, to generate positive impact from more conscious choices,” says Marcos.

The team of nutritionists, chefs and cooks who work in Natura’s restaurants were trained to produce recipes that substitute animal protein for the vegetable, preserving balance of nutrients, texture and flavor. “We applaud Natura for having the vision and initiative to promote a small change that makes all the difference and inspires the improvement of habits, one day at a time,” says Monica Buava, campaign manager for SVB.

The launch of the action is part of the Sustainability Week, promoted by the company among its employees from November 5 to 9.