Natura and Santander Brasil have signed a partnership to offer a 100 percent digital bank account to the network of more than 1 million sales consultants for the company, according to a statement released on Wednesday.

Access to the account will be through the Natura application developed for the consultants. The agreement understands that through it it will be possible to have access to banking services such as Natura card, withdrawals, deposits and transfers, as well as a machine for payments with credit and debit cards, with exclusive and differentiated conditions. Another novelty is the possibility of contracting microcredit directly in the application of the Consultants, which can be used only for purchases of Natura products. The initiative aims to offer credit for the Consultants to invest in the expansion and professionalization of their activity.

The Natura Account is part of the plan to revitalize and digitize Natura’s business model, and will contribute to the bankization and raise productivity and income of consultants, “said the cosmetics maker in the statement.