Natura starts this month new editorial and graphic project for its catalogue used by consulters to take information to consumers about its products and brand concepts.

The revamp has produced a reduction of nearly 60 pages on publication, which also starts to be produced on couché paper certified by FSC, which allows a greater utilization of images and colors and allows the reduction on the number of pages. According to company’s analyses, these measures should take to a reduction of 32% per year on environmental impact provoked on catalogue production process. Currently the number printed reaches 2 millions copies at each 21 days, one of the greatest circulations in the country.

The decision for paper’s change was technically subsided by tests and with basis on the methodology of Life Cycle Evaluation (ACV) realized by the company, which has analyzed publication production chain with two kinds of paper. Couché, for having a smaller weight then the recycled will take company to reduce on 3.500 tons on the year paper consume and, consequently, the amount of residues generated by discharge. 

Evaluated into company’s business chain, the changes will enable an annual reduction of 2% of the company’s CO2 emissions equivalent, or 4.500 tons, an action aligned with company’s Neutral Carbon Program.

“We have got with this new Project the doublé gain we had planed: a more beautiful and efficient catalogue and that will generate less environmental impact”, explains Erasmo Toledo, Natura´s sales and market planning and relationship marketing.

The first edition of the magazine reaches consulters still this month with 2 millions copies. The complete catalogue will have a virtual version, available on natura´s website –