Natura Cosmeticos received the first Green Patent dedicated to a cosmetics company in Brazil. Previously, the company used the generated biomass as waste for composting soil and now finishes its course within the logic of circular economy.

Created by researchers from Natura and the Institute for Technological Research (IPT), technological innovation uses waste from Amazonian biodiversity assets, obtained from the extraction of oilseeds such as murumuru, andiroba and Brazil nuts, as the company’s production inputs.

Rich in carbohydrates, fiber and lipid, the material is now inserted into a new product with proven skin benefits thanks to the new biotechnological asset. The noveliy will be launched to the consumer in 2020.

By creating a biotechnological ingredient, Natura’s supplying cooperatives in the Amazon region also have a new business model.

The innovation enabled the company to use as input the remaining organic matter from its production. With the partnership of IPT, from São Paulo, Natura researchers in Cajamar, in the metropolitan region of São Paulo, and Benevides, in Pará, developed a technique to use the waste in a project supported by Embrapii-Pilot (CNI, Finep and MCTIC).

Registration – in turn – is granted by the National Institute of Industrial Property (INPI), linked to the Ministry of Economy, and guarantees to Natura exclusivity in the commercial use of innovation during the first years.
The Green Patents program prioritizes the analysis of registration requests related to technologies that help combat climate change.

“It is a great achievement related to the circular economy, because we developed a technique for the full use of seeds of Brazilian biodiversity. What used to be fertilizer now creates an opportunity in another production chain,” explains Roseli Mello, Director of Innovation at Natura.

Innovation is part of the guidelines disclosed by the company in the 2050 Sustainability Vision document, such as that the waste generated must be reused in its own production process or become a high quality input by another industrial or natural cycle.