The Natura Ekos brand celebrates its 20th anniversary by taking Irmãos Campana on an expedition to the Amazon, in order to co-create with extractive communities new ways of generating business in the region, through art and nature. The idea is to make the consumer reflect on the future of the forest and respect for socio-biodiversity. The starting point of the partnership is the 35 revolutions exhibition, which takes place at MAM-RJ, between March 14 and May 17.

More than the union of two well-known brands, the relationship foresees an immersion in the communities of the region, which already work with Natura, in order to deepen the understanding of the forest through the search for new materials, concepts and techniques.

“In the year that the Campanas celebrate 35 years of partnership and Ekos, 20 years of existence, we look back and see how these two brands have always been at the forefront. The Campana’s restlessness converses closely with Ekos’ restlessness. Together, the idea will be provoke a collective reflection on the future of the Amazon, which, in the end, is the future of human existence here on Earth “, says Andrea Alvares, vice president of Brand, Innovation, Sustainability and Internationalization at Natura.

“It is a great joy to be in a partnership with one of the most important companies that plays on the agenda of positive impact in the world and that, like Estúdio Campana, has strong Brazilian DNA”, says Fernando Campana. “Since childhood, we have learned respect for nature and love for the land. This theme is present all the time in our work, in the materials we use, in the re-signification of raw materials and in the valorisation and rescue of artisanal techniques of Brazilian popular culture. That is why this partnership makes a lot of sense to us “, adds Humberto.

Natura already has an intense research and development program for natural ingredients with the increasing use of vegetable inputs and socio-biodiversity actives.

Launched at the beginning of the millennium, the Natura Ekos line was born as a reference in the conservation of Amazonian socio-biodiversity for incorporating ingredients from the region in the manufacture of its products.

With this, the company became a pioneer in developing a business model for valorization the standing forest economy based on the union of science, nature and traditional knowledge.

In 2020, brothers Fernando and Humberto Campana also celebrate the 35th anniversary of their creative trajectory. Throughout their history, the duo’s main achievement has been to bring the excellence of Brazilian handicrafts to world recognition.

Exhibition “35 revolutions”

The first milestone of this partnership will be the exhibition “35 revolutions, held in March at the Museum of Modern Art in Rio de Janeiro (MAM RIO), the largest ever made by the duo in their 35 years of experience. Bringing together new projects and installations, specially designed for the space, and a wide selection of design pieces and sculptures developed over the last decades, the show aims to challenge the public with a bold, immersive and provocative montage.

In the exhibition, approximately 1,800 square meters will be taken over by the irreverent, challenging and creative art of Campana. A wide range of more than a hundred pieces were selected for the show, in which outstanding issues in their production stand out, such as the ability to integrate craft and industrial references, a deep formal and material boldness, an intense flirtation with surrealism and a accentuated environmental concern.

The project is planned and organized by Pinakotheke Cultural, a company led by Max Perlingeiro.