Natura inaugurates on Friday a new concept store that values the consumer experience and allows greater interaction with the products and the history of the brand. The new store concept is also another expression of the brand’s new positioning, “The World Is More Beautiful With You.”

Developed in partnership with Metro Architects, the project brought as inspiration the elements of Brazilian modernist architecture, the curves of Burle Marx gardens, and materials that at the same time reinforce Natura’s commitment to sustainability and inspiration in nature itself. Located in Barra Shopping in Salvador, the new store also marks the arrival of Natura’s own stores in the Northeast, a key market for the company’s national expansion.

The opening in the capital of Bahia is part of Natura’s multi-channel expansion plan, with more openings planned for the second quarter of the year in different states. Natura’s own stores have a complementary role to direct sales, the company’s main channel, and provide an increasingly integrated experience to the digital world.

“In the year in which we have completed 50 years of history, we have chosen to launch a new store concept with important innovations in communication, making our commitments and causes clearer for the consumer, seeking an increasingly pleasurable and complementary shopping experience to other sales channels, such as Sale through Relationships and e-commerce, “says Paula Andrade, Retail Director of Natura.

The new concept brings technology to serve consumer´s experience, which can experience a virtual experience of the Ekos product line, connecting to the extractive communities of Natura through a virtual reality glasses, experimenting with several looks in a virtual Mirror for makeup and make an exclusive assessment of skin diagnosis to indicate the best hydration solution. To facilitate, the payment experience can be made by mobile system, which dispenses cash, providing a more dynamic and fluid purchase.

The new store concept also seeks to reinforce the brand’s invitation to build a more beautiful world with a point for the reverse logistics. There, the consumer can return the packaging of any cosmetic product already used, which will be transformed into new product bottles. Currently, through the use of recycled plastic in packaging lines such as Ekos and Sève, Natura already prevents the equivalent of 9 million PET bottles from being disposed of in the environment annually.

The brand has also targeted the store in three main islands: the first, with personal care products, brings the Ekos line, which is 100% vegan and has more than 90% of natural ingredients, prioritizing the use of assets of Amazonian biodiversity . In the second, the Perfumery House of Brazil, brings the unique fragrances of Natura, with ingredients of Brazilian biodiversity, organic alcohol and recycled glass and occupy a central island in the new concept. And finally, the new store has a service station for face care and makeup, with the entire portfolio of Chronos available, as well as makeup products that enhance the identities and beauty of each.

“We use materials in their natural state and organic forms to create an environment that appeals to all senses, balancing product exposure with information and experience,” says Martin Corullon, partner at Metro Architects.

This is Natura’s 38th store in Brazil, already present in ten states. In addition to these, Natura also has nine overseas stores in Paris, New York, Buenos Aires and Santiago.