In this year’s Christmas campaign, Natura talks about the importance of reconnection between people. Therefore, it launches the proposal “When you let the heart speak, the world is more beautiful”. The action highlights the value of empathy and affection in relationships.

Signed by Africa agency, the campaign premiered on Sunday (1) its promotional film, with the story of a couple of brothers who are fighting and to not to discuss over the cellphone, implying that both prefer to stop talking than ” lose the discussion “. It is on Christmas Eve, however, that the sister chooses to open and be reconciled. This Christmas, the brand invites everyone to follow the example of the movie and let the heart speak on social media with the hashtag # FalaCoração.

Christmas is a hopeful time that has the power to further enhance this message of harmony and understanding,” says Andrea Álvares, Natura’s Vice President of Marketing, Innovation and Sustainability. “The world only becomes more beautiful when we are well in our relations,” he concludes.

“The world and Brazil are increasingly polarized. With this, relations are shaken. And Christmas, which has always been a reason for happy encounters, runs the risk of being a scenario of embarrassment. Natura’s invitation, therefore, is to give affection in our most important relationships, “says Sophie Schonburg, Executive Creative Director of Africa.

In addition to the film and action with @akapoeta, the 360º campaign features influencers such as Cleo Pires, Pedro HMC, Alexandrisms, Nataly Neri, Black Li, Icaro Silva, Ellora, Thyza Ferreira, Thalita Oliveira and Ursula Andress, OOH media and product-focused digital pieces and posts inviting people to use the hashtag # FalaCoração.