By the end of the first half of this year, Natura will have installed 2,000 m² of Organic Photovoltaic Film (OPV) panels in its headquarters in Cajamar (SP), the third generation of solar cells capable of transforming sunlight into electricity.

The technology was developed by Sunew, the world leader in OPV production, and will be installed at the Natura Learning Center (NAN) of sustainable industrial architecture.

When compared to other solar generation technologies, such as those using silicon plates, OPV is a more energy efficient alternative to environmental impact.

With the installation, Natura will no longer emit 5 tons of carbon dioxide per month. This is equivalent to the emission produced by the consumption of 1,930 liters of gasoline in the same period.

In addition, the films are made of non-toxic organic material, with printing similar to the textile industry, and require less energy to be produced. The films have a simpler and versatile application, because they are lighter and more flexible, which facilitates the adaptation to the most diverse surfaces.