To perfect the experience of the consultants and consumers of the brand, Natura developed a device that analyzes the level of damage of hair.

The diagnosis is made from an application, which has a questionnaire about habits and capillary structure combined with the analysis of a photo of the consumer’s hair.

To analyze the structure of the hair, the image must be captured with the help of the device developed by Natura, coupled to the camera of the cell phone. The combination of portable lenses (cell phone lens and device lens) allows the analysis of hair strands with the enlarged wires, such as under a microscope.

The device is able to attach a suitable amount of hair to each consumer in the set of lenses, standardize the lighting and increase the image obtained, have been months of work. Standardization is important so that the algorithm can do the proper analysis of the hair strands.

“The app stores the images and responses of the consumers, sends the data for analysis to the cloud and ultimately recommends products. For all this to happen, we have been working for more than 5 years and we have an experience of 18 thousand images of hair strands analyzed and stored in our laboratories “, says Daniel Gonzaga,
Director of Innovation in Products of Natura.

The images of the hair strands were used to “train” the algorithm, which can diagnose each photo sent for analysis. Because it is an algorithm with machine learning, the more interactions occur, the more accurate the diagnosis is. After the real-time assessment of hair health, the application indicates which Natura products are most suitable for each consumer, according to the damage of the hair.

“The development of the solution is part of Natura’s digital transformation strategy, which seeks to provide instruments for beauty consultants to offer increasingly differentiated services to consumers through new technologies developed in-house. Creating experiences that bring value to the consulting service is fundamental, “says Luciano Abrantes, Director of Digital Innovation at Natura.

The device goes through the final testing phase before being officially released.