Challenge – recycled glass,
                       but without neglecting in quality of the presentation

Important part of the commitments made at the end of last year with the announcement of its Sustainability Vision and the choice on participating in the regeneration of the planet with the premises of Think, act and seek positive Economic Impact, Natura has just released the first packaging for perfumery made with recycled glass post-consume.

“Natura´s proposal is to make a perfumery that thinks on tomorrow,” said Denise Coutinho, Natura´s Director of Perfumery. According to her, it means a perfumery even more sustainable. Since 2007, Natura uses organic neutral alcohol in its perfumes. It is processed from the cane sugar, without pesticides, in preserved forest and through mechanical harvesting. The company also chose to use screw valve in its perfumes, which facilitates the separation of metal and plastic by the time to recycle and, since September last year, the company uses  refills to the perfumes of Ekos brand, which, are 20% more economic and should be extended soon to other perfume brands of the company.

                                Refills for perfumes since last year

The post consume glasses are used on the packaging of conventional flasks for the most cherished brands by the public and in the best sellers of the brand: Natura Humor, Kaiak classic, male Essential and Natura Ekos Freshness. These refills contains about 20% of its mass constituted of recycled glass post consume. The expectation is that over the next few years the material is introduced in other sub-brands.

The environmental benefits of this substitution are expressive. The incorporation of recycled glass in the packaging of perfumes reduces CO2 emissions by 357 tCO2 / year, equivalent to the hypothetical situation of a passenger car  by gasoline give 65 laps on earth (displacement around 2.6 million km). Furthermore, in the first step of this initiative it was used approximately 472 tons of recycled glass, which avoids the discharge of material equivalent to 1.368 million 600ml bottles (weighing 0.345 kg each).

Company started the research for the use of recycled glass in the perfume bottles in 2006. After several studies and analyzes, managed to reach a solution that was effective and preserve the finishing of high quality packaging, highly important item for category as it interferes directly in the purchase decision.

“The big challenge is to find solutions that reduce the impact but that still exhibit quality,” says Alessandro Mendes, Director of Research and Development Natura.The new glasses has a slight coloration, almost imperceptible, so the amount of recycled glass used is 20% on average in order to maintain the quality standard of flasks of fragrances of the company.

The partner of Natura in this endeavor is the glassmaker SGD Brazil, which controls the traceability of the recycled glass post consume that comes from a supplier of glass shards  (whether they are being collected at a fair price for the collectors, without burdening Products). “We still have not developed cooperatives. Indeed initiatives are launched and continue to improve over time “says Alessandro.

But the main challenge may be operating, as the glass factory there are two ovens and and they can never be turned off. To ensure that the Natura bottle has an average of 20% recycled glass, built a furnace supply curve. Thus, you can know how much recycled glass we have put in how often, to have the bottle as desired. Furthermore, there is a raw material silo dividing the various types of glass and we need to ensure that they do not mix. Natura also done by means of an independent company, periodic inspection to ensure that the recycled glass is being used in Natura flasks.

The new recycled glass containers, according to Renata Eduardo fragrance marketing manager at Natura, are already being shipped to sales cycles – in January, with the most beloved brands, and a new edition of Ekos Frescor de Flores in a new edition. In February will be the Humor brand that celebrates 10 years with the launch of Humor Perfeito. “In all, the substitution of the bottles will cover 100 fragrances of 23 marks.

Another Natura’s sustainable contribution to the national perfumery is to use oils from Brazilian biodiversity in the composition of their fragrances, scents that only Brazil has. According to Renata Eduard, is through this innovative and sustainable way that Natura seeks to reposition itself in the market as the first brand on selling fragrances in the country. “”For every 10 women’s fragrances sold in Brazil, seven are Natura and between men’s fragrances, every 10 sold, 6 are the brand,” she “For every 10 women’s fragrances sold in Brazil, seven are Natura and between men’s fragrances, every 10 sold, 6 are the brand,” she states.