Natura Lumina, Natura‘s newest line of hair treatments, hits the market questioning unreachable standards and promises.

Natura Lumina used biomimetics to develop precision hair care with products that fill the wires from the inside out. With specific treatment systems for different hair types and needs, the brand recognizes in every woman and every hair the power of a unique and real beauty.

Starting from the truth as a central theme, the campaign developed by the agency DPZ & T seeks to deconstruct the ideal of perfection and the excessive promises present in the category advertisements, communicating the benefits that the products have in practice. With the hashtag #TragoVerdades, Natura Lumina draws attention to the tricks of hair advertisements and shows, with transparency, what she does and what she doesn’t, without generating unrealistic expectations.

“Natura Lumina is a technological innovation and an original way of talking to the public in this market. We want to show in practice that it is possible to have healthy, beautiful hair, no tricks, no promises and unreachable patterns and with truth, showing the power of beauty in every woman and in each hair. We are communicating exactly what our products do, the truth in hair cosmetics, “says Fernanda Rol, director of Natura’s cosmetics unit.

DPZ & T agency was one of Natura’s partners in the process of developing the new brand, which also included Inobi, which helped to co-create Lumina’s positioning, concept and language. The packaging design was made by Questtonó and Inobi.
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