272Natura, a Brazilian multinational of toiletries, perfumery and cosmetics, which for more than three decades has worked exclusively in the direct sales channel, when completing 45 years meet the consumption needs of modern life, revitalizing direct sales – with new means of payment and development of unique applicatives for consultants, as well as creating a digital consulting platform ‘Rede Natura’ – and advancing its multi-channel strategy: joins the retail channel from today, with the opening of the first of a network of stores in Brazil.

From now on the brand has a physical address for experimentation and marketing of its products in the Shopping Morumbi in Sao Paulo. The 68 m2 space reflects the universe of the brand, and different from the concept store, which ran for two years in a luxury address in Sao Paulo, the new Natura store has compact space and commercially accessible to a potential future marketing of franchised stores.

However, according to the commercial vice president of Natura, João Paulo Ferreira, more than a concept store, this store has a business goal, formatted for growth that can happen or not through franchises. “Our focus now is to create some own units so we can fixate the concept, learn and make adjustments before starting our expansion, which is actually our desire. This expansion can be through own stores or, eventually, franchised stores. And it will not happen in the short term, “said Joao Paulo Ferreira today at the inauguration.

The model shop was chosen collaboratively with the participation of the own customers, as well as consultants and Natura employees. It has ample and selected portfolio with testing products from different categories like makeup, fragrance, body, face and soaps. Has two central tables equipped with mirrors, tasters perfumes and sink, so that customers can try the products and experience the brand values, such as the brand’s commitment to generating positive social and environmental impacts. The store is carbon neutral, which means that everything one see in it, all the energy and material used in it were compensated to nature.


According to Natura the store should bring positive effects for all channels – those who buy at the store can also buy from a consultant on another occasion. But the retail model is separate from the direct sales model, as well as the marketing of the line SOU in pharmacies.

“The store has 40% of our portfolio, unlike the magazine that has the whole portfolio. Here promotions and all the dynamics follow the retail flow and not the direct sale. As far as possible and to favor the consumer, we will try to make this integration but commercially operating with different models, “said Andrea Eboli, Natura marketing director.

The chosen design was created by architectural firm Santa Irreverencia, from Niterói (RJ), and the visual communication of the store was the responsibility of visual merchandising Vimer agency. It favors recycled woods of diverse and sustainable sources and the sensory experience of the store includes music track with national artists sponsored by Natura Musical program, in addition to the signature fragrance, which refers to the fragrance of Anise (Erva Doce), a Natura Classic.