Natura invest more in sales channels and technology to increase access of consumers to the makeup products of the brand.
Now that the Natura Makeup reached 1 million followers on Instagram the brand celebrates the fact with a new option in its profile on the social network: all products can be purchased directly from @maquiagemnatura and consumer will receive them at home.

The buying via Instagram is possible through Natura´s partnership with the Brazilian Socialbuy startup that turns the @maquiagemnatura in a environment-mirror of instagram, enabling the buying products divulged on the social network.
“We increased the possibility of interaction in the Natura Makeup profile,” says Murillo Boccia, director of Natura, online sales platform of Natura.

New Tutorials

The company also launched the new phase of the movement I love makeup, with exclusive tips and tutorials of a blogger.

The clip, produced by agency Save portrays women who discover multiple and in constant contact with its various beauties.
In total, there are four episodes produced in vertical format – for better viewing on your smartphone screen – with the themes “Happy Woman”, “Head Woman”, “Woman of War and Peace” and “Woman cheeky”.

“The face shape is vertical and the way women consume tutorials is mainly through mobile phones, making viewing the details of each tutorial easier to follow ,” says James Scavone, creative director of Save.

“The blogger shows how makeup can help in this daily feminine reinvention strengthening the position ” Viva Sua Beleza Viva ” (live your alive beauty), which celebrates the diverse and possible beauties,” says Renata Eduardo, Natura marketing director.”In two years, the number of followers of the Natura Makeup jumped from 290,000 to one million due to the content relevant to the daily lives of consumers. Now, we complete this journey by providing shopping experience in a unique setting, in a pleasant way. “