Natura launches, today, in the break of main TV News show, on main broadcast channel, the new institutional positioning of the brand: The World Is More Beautiful With You.

The campaign invites people to be agents of transformation of society and reinforces brand principles and commitments such as wealth sharing, the non-testing on animals, valuing diversity, reducing waste, choosing plant ingredients and renewable sources, the care with the origin of products and the fight against climate change.

“Based on the pillars that have always guided our work – the beauty free of stereotypes, the power of the relations and sustainable development – we want to make a powerful call for the engagement of our network in building a more beautiful, fair and balanced world “says Andrea Álvares, vice president of marketing, innovation and sustainability at Natura.

The campaign, developed in partnership with agency Africa, reflects Natura’s belief that life is a chain of relationships, in which everything is interdependent. The positioning emphasizes the choices made by the company in search of sustainable development.


Among the company’s attitudes are: neutral carbon and prioritize the use of Brazilian biodiversity assets with scientifically proven benefits, in a business model that generates and shares value with the network of more than 1.7 million consultancies in Latin America and the more than 5 thousand families of supplying communities, in the Amazon and other localities and contribute to the conservation of more than 257 thousand hectares of standing forest – an area equivalent to the municipalities of São Paulo and Rio de Janeiros together.

With scenes and people from different corners of Brazil, the film was shot in Marajó, Belém and São Paulo. Sophie Schonburg, ECD of the Africa Agency says: “It’s about communicating the leading role Natura always had as a conscious brand, but also about inviting everyone to engage in the movement. More than a campaign, the films provoke questioning and invite sustainable consumption “.

The new brand positioning is also a recognition that transformation must be built collectively. “We want to hear from our consumers and consultants what they expect from a beauty brand,” says Álvares.

In addition to the television campaign, which will also have six short films with the positioning of the main Natura sub-brands, the action will count on digital deployment.
In addition to the posts, six mini-documents will bring real testimonials from Rede Natura (Natura net of resellers) people who share their views on what each can do to make the world better.

The new positioning also gains a platform for expression and reach of engagement through the partnership with Rock in Rio. “Music generates a collective effervescence power that is key to this transformation we seek, where people can also recognize their role in the everything in which each individual action matters to make the world more beautiful, “says Álvares.

See the campaign HERE