Natura participates of the Sao Paulo Fashion Week 23ª edition – SPFW –, presenting the way it found to produce soaps with sustainable natural actives: promoting the social inclusion and the economic progress in the Benevides region, close to the Para capital, on the North of brazil.

The company inaugurated recently a new research and development polo there, which encircles a soap mass plant and also a plant to extract vegetal oils. It allows like this, that every Natura Ekos line’s soaps starts to be made with the mass produced on this industrial unity. But it will also enable that around 2000 extracting families and small producers get involved and benefited with this action.

“It seems easy when one talks about biodiversity and sustainability from Sao Paulo,” says Renata Puchala, Natura Ekos line soap manager. “But to be close to the Forest, in Benevides capacitating these families in order they be guardians of the forest, with sustainable practices demands a great work, to be done on stages”, completes.

This first moment, all the Benevides plant vegetal soaps mass production will be made from the palm oil, supplied by Agropalma, a raw material supplier company. The idea is that, until the end of the year, all the company’s vegetal soaps mass is produced on the new unity.

In 2008, part of this oil will be substituted by the processed oil in the own industrial unity from the fruits of other native palm threes, such as inajá, tucumã, buriti, patauá and murumuru, acquired from small agricultures and local extracting communities cooperatives and associations, promoting the integration between the scientific and traditional population knowledge.

In a second moment, declares the manager is the conclusion of the certification of other 3 actives, from the 12 actives already certified, among them the guarana, buriti, pitanga, muru muru and the cupuaçu. The certifications are obtained next to the stamps FSC, Ecocert, IBD, besides other international certifications. The own soap mass and vegetal oil extraction plant, according to Puchala has project of being totally certified.

Besides producing soaps, the company searches the employment generation, the increase of local families receipt and the approximation of the small producer’s communities. These agriculturists, little by little, will become Natura ´s manufacturing substances direct suppliers, working in a handling model that stimulates the preservation of native region species, the enabling and life quality amelioration of all.

The new soaps bring novelties on their formulation, shape and new versions. The masses start to contain also 5 to 10% glycerin, offering major creamy texture, foaming and smoothness. Another novelty are the biphasic bar soaps, with one creamy side and another exfoliating. Besides the assortment soaps packs, to those who enjoys varying the bath.

The packaging of these soaps includes since May an Environmental Schedule, with information (inclusive in blind’s writing) about the renewable origin percentage, natural vegetal, with origin certification, which is a way to show and teach the consumers what he is consuming.