Natura starts its first operation in Asia. Malaysia was chosen to receive the company’s omnichannel strategy, with e-commerce, sale by relationships and physical store. Natura’s pop-up store opened at Sunway Pyramid Mall in Petaling Jaya, a satellite city for Kuala Lumpur, introduces the company, its products and pillars to thousands of consumers in an area of 100 m₂. In the second half of 2020, the brand will be located in a permanent space of the mall.

About 300 items from the Natura portfolio will be offered under the brands Ekos, Chronos, Lumina, Mama e Bebe and Natura Homem – as well as fragrances from the Brazilian Perfumery House. All items sold have vegan formulas and the operation will be performed under the head franchisee model, in partnership with the franchisee of The Body Shop, which has been operating in the country for 35 years.

Daniel Silveira, Natura’s Director of Internationalization says: “This is a significant moment for us as a company and we look forward to building our business in Asia.”

“We see a great opportunity for Natura in Malaysia, with its millions of consumers who have been buying from different channels for decades. We are confident that our omnichannel strategy will be welcomed in Malaysia, bringing a wide range of products to customers, as well as provide a great growth platform for our business across the region.

“Most importantly, we are excited to work with local partners across Asia as a force for change to build a more sustainable future,” he says.

Datin Mina Cheah-Foong, Managing Director of InNature Berhad, which operates the Natura brand in Malaysia through its subsidiary Ola Beleza Sdn. Bhd., explains that “the larger than usual pop-up store in a prime location at Sunway Pyramid Mall will introduce the brand and its products to new consumers through unique experiences such as an interactive wall for skin care, analysis free skin and hair, a fragrance personality analyzer and a hand massage performed while they enjoy a virtual reality adventure in the Amazon rainforest.Clients can also purchase the products through an online store, and will soon be launched the social selling.”

Malaysian consumers will be able to purchase Natura products through e-commerce: