Natura´s  raw material suppliers will need to adequate themselves: the company announces its GEEs neutralization plan  – Heater Effect Gases – to be able to offer still this year products 100% Neutral Carbon to its consumers.

The decision, which is coherent with its entrepreneurial politic favoring sustainability, involves all company’s production chain, which means that it reaches since the emissions proceeding from the activities for the extraction of raw materials until the ones generated by the final products disposal on the environment.

It is a political corporative attitude which, for being the company one of the majors of the market, puts the suppliers that wants to attend to the company in tune with the best sustainability and environmental correction global practices, besides providing to them the opportunity of coming along an irreversible worldwide attitude.

“In our GEEs neutralization strategy, only the non possible gas reduction sources will be compensated through reforesting and development projects of renewable energy sources”, informs the company.

When accomplishing the inventory of its emissions, in 2006, the company identified a potential to lower in 33% the gases generated in its business chain along the next five years.

To evaluate the real impact of its activities, Natura initially used Greenhouse Gas Protocol Initiative (GHG Protocol) patterns, which is the most internationally used tool to account the GGEs emissions. This protocol establishes some mapping criteria, involving the direct and indirect gas emissions. On its inventory, the company adopted yet the product life cycle accosting, considering the emissions of all its productive chain steps. This survey pointed to 270 thousand C02  tons equivalents emitted by the company along 2006.

Recently, company has adopted the environmental chart on its products labels, taken to the consumer technical data about the composition and packaging. The initiative offers information from raw material chose and attainment origin to packaging discharge on the environment, foresees to aware the conscious consume.