NatureFlex™ a Innovia Films Group registered brand, with headquarter in Cumbria, United Kingdom and subsidiary in Sao Paulo, for labels and security films, packaging coated over packaging and biodegradable films and compostable, has reached carbon free status (without emissions of carbonic gas) in all its biodegradable films line and compostable for packaging.

It works with a leading company on carbonic gas services area – co2balance, which supplies carbonic gas emission reduction programs locally or globally.

Innovia during the 2007 has realized a broad evaluation of life cycle of NatureFlex products to allow that the company would quantify the product environmental impact since its production until deliver.  In 2008, company could determine films emissions of carbonic gas for biodegradable packaging and compostable NatureFlex.

NatureFlex films have a typical composition of around 95% of renewable material, as measured according to ASTM D6866. “A company carbonic gas emissions reduction should be reached mainly through improvements on energetic efficiency, energy consume reduction, process technology perfecting and residues reduction. We have already made expressive cuts on emissions and we are making efforts to continue to do so in the future. All production process produces, unavoidable, an environment impact and our involvement on these initiatives allow us to compensate NatureFlex™ production global effect and to guarantee to our consumers that Natureflex is in really Carbon Free in the moment it leaves Innovia installations” stated David Beeby, Innovia Films executive director.

Besides, Innovia films will contribute with a program for distribution of ‘solar ovens’ for wanting communities in Africa. This helps to diminish forests devastation, reduces the CO2 emissions from firewood burns, reduces energy coasts and provides health and security to the users.

NatureFlex fil is compounded by a transparent cellulose base produced from the sustainable wood pulp, with the addition of biodegradable superficial coats and compostable, specially formulated. Main applications are: fresh products packaging, specially organic lines, twist wrap for candy packaging, internal absorbents and other personal hygiene products.

Innovia subsidiary in Sao Paulo stays at Av. Ibirapuera, 2907 sala 1407. Tel:11 5053 9945.