After creating an Instagram filter with ten fun phrases about everyday moments related to beauty, hair and empowerment, Nazca Cosméticos, a Brazilian hair and body care company from São Bernardo do Campo, Sao Paulo, invited from a team of ten influencers to intensify the #CelebreSuaBeleza campaign.

Developed by agency, the campaign encourages women’s well-being and self-esteem, valuing all possible beauty, regardless of profile and style. Thinking about this diversity, Nazca elected ambassadors with different hair types, personality and from different regions of the country to create content that conveys the campaign’s values, with spontaneity and its own language.

“The campaign encourages female audiences to discover their true beauty and partnering with influencers of the most varied styles and states in the country further enhances the scope of our proposal,” adds Nazca marketing manager Priscila Almeida.

Also part of the action is a video manifesto of the ambassadors narrating daily moments of search for beauty.