Taking care of yourself can be a much more fun habit than a simple day-to-day task. The campaign of O Boticario‘s new line Cuide-se Bem Deleite (something like take care well – treat), created by AlmapBBDO, shows that caring can be a lot better than we can imagine.


The film, 30 ”, brings the character in a time of daily difficulty, when the elevator breaks. Instead of stressing, the protagonist takes a product of the line Cuide-se Bem Deleite of the bag to enjoy the time and take care of the skin.

The moisturizer transports her into a playful world, making her hum a piece of music that says “I’m gonna have some fun.” When the elevator back works again, bringing the character back to the real world, the narrative delivers the concept of the campaign with “Have more fun with yourself”.

The action premiered on Sunday, January 27 on TV, during the main national program, on TV Globo.