Lush launched recently launched Slap Sticks, a line, with 40 egg-shaped solid foundations shades, made with natural ingredients, as well as the other segments that the brand caters to – solid hair care, perfumes, toothpastes and protector solar.

The wide range of tonalities of the new line is a competitive advantage in a market where individuality and diversity are increasingly relevant. However, the differential of this foundation range, besides the 40 tones segmented between hot, neutral and cold, lies in the fact that it offers an alternative to the liquid bases, which generate plastic waste, which often land in the ocean.

With this, the brand points to the fact that sooner or later all companies will have to agree to the damages caused by plastic pollution and take responsibility for the packaging they use.

The line’s formula, which is 100% vegan, made with natural ingredients and a minimum of preservative and synthetic ingredients, brings benefits to the skin and has good durability. But the biggest challenge has been to show consumers – women and men, since Slap Stick fits even male skin – that although the packaging is minimal and sophistication comes exactly from the design and the restricted use of material, the product is high quality.

Known for the importance it attaches to natural ingredients and ethical practices, the Lush brand, which withdrew in May from the Brazilian market, is investing more and more in consumer education regarding natural ingredients and ethical practices.

The portability of Slap Sticks is an interesting advantage over competing brands. The new base is ideal for carrying on the bag, a necessity these days when women apply or reapply makeup on public transportation, at the gym or at work. The products are durable and fully recyclable, with a vegan coating, thus minimizing the possibility of products staining the small carton in which it is delivered.

Mintel’s research points to the current focus of the media on the environment, which creates potential for even stronger formats for blushes or eyeliners, or on the packaging, for non-plastic / refillable jars, similar to existing creams.