A study by Kantar Worldpanel, a global company specializing in consumer behavior, reveals that one in five families in Latin America is made up of people over 50 years of age, and in ten years’ time, this configuration will represent 1/3 among all. Which points to an extensive but unknown group of consumers and buyers.

Who are these new seniors, what are their buying habits, which brands they choose, how do they use the technology among other features, that Kantar researched with 360 ° vision. “It’s a giant market: a single point of penetration in this segment represents more than 100 thousand new homes in Brazil and more than 42 thousand in Argentina. By October 2017 there were 54 million Brazilians aged 50 or older, and this figure is expected to reach 93 million by 2045, ” Kantar says .

The company also reveals that this public earns 30% more than other family configurations, 25% still work, 1/3 a third owns vehicles and more than 80% have cell phones, half are smartphones – 85% use Whatsapp and 70% % Facebook, while 70% have never accessed Twitter or Instagram. And although they go to retail outlets 8 times less than other consumers, they spend 16% more, mainly because they prefer premium brands. Consumer behaviors that indicate opportunities for industry.

Makeup and fragrances

According to the research agency, the senior public spends more on makeup. in contrast, young people spend more on fragrances / colonies than seniors. (A Kantar considers makeup: face, mouth, eyes and case)

“People in their 50s – and also in their 60s and 70s – are increasingly active and healthy, with more quality of life than their previous generations and having grandchildren ever later, and this has radically transformed their routines and their plans for the future, “says Cecilia Alva, Customer & New Business Director for Latin America at Kantar Worldpanel.

According to Kantar Consulting, last year, 77 percent of Americans said there was no reason to feel less energetic because they were older. In 2014, the index was 64%.