To commemorate the Women’s international Day, the companies Impala, Vita Derm and Surya are offering artistic enamel, face treatment and temporary natural tattoo, respectively, on events at the Hospital Albert Einstein (5 to 8 March), 12 at NGO Arrastao, and on 14th at the Hospital Municipal Joao XXIII, all of them in Sao Paulo, for around 1000 women.

The Institute Escreve Beleza, is sponsored by these companies. It is a Public Interest civil Society Organization. In 4 years acting, it already benefited directly more then 35 thousand people, with activities, workshops, speeches aiming welfare and beauty to the people of the Sao Paulo communities. Around 500 young people already participated of its educative workshops which prepares them to the life and to the work market on several areas. It made more then 600 activities and has registered more then 2000 voluntaries.

Today, Women’s International Day, the Project has mobilized professionals voluntaries also to cut and do the hair, to makeup and to apply massage on the people.