Nivea Brasil launched on July 8, the campaign “Putting Itself On Your Skin”, signed by FCB Brasil.

Developed based on local research, the campaign speaks about Northeastern women and empathy. The 30 “film deals with situations experienced by three women in daily tasks that are” on the skin “of others, always worried about helping each other. The piece will be unfolded in three 15 “versions, each telling one of these stories.
“The concept of advertising is empathy. We want women from the Northeast to recognize themselves in the Nivea brand, associating it with the care we have always shown with our consumers. Our intention is to reinforce this emotional connection with Northeastern women, besides to value their pride in their regional identity, “says Ligia Annunziato, head of trade and marketing in the Northeast of Nivea Brazil.

The valorization of regional pride was taken into account throughout the development of the campaign. The film was all made in the Northeast, with local professionals, cast and producer – who signs the film is the Bahian producer Mandinga Filmes.

“The woman helps herself more and more, she has more and more empathy, she puts herself in the place of the other, in the skin of the other … and skin is Nivea! Our idea was born from there, from the fact that women, like Nivea, put themselves in the shoes of others to care for and help, “says Joanna Monteiro, CCO of FCB Brazil.

The “Putting yourself in your skin” campaign brings products from the Nivea Blue Line, which expresses the DNA of the brand in several formats. All items in the line are inspired by the cream of the can and were created specifically for the different needs of each part of the body, and can be used in various everyday situations.
The campaign is being shown on open TV (Globo), and has merchandising actions on other TVs; in addition to radio spots; and will be broadcast in the states of Alagoas, Bahia, Ceará, Paraíba, Pernambuco, Rio Grande do Norte, Sergipe and in the cities of São Luís (MA) and Teresina (PI).

Check out the campaign movie: