German cosmetics manufacturer Beiersdorf, owner of the Nivea brand, began producing aerosol deodorants in Brazil, replacing imports from Argentina. Since 2017, the company has invested 300 million reais in the expansion of its factory in Itatiba (SP), where it began to manufacture these products. With the expansion works, inaugurated last year, annual production capacity will be doubled to 280 million units of various products, half of them aerosol deodorants. The other half is from items that were already produced in Brazil.

The facilities, expanded by 18,000 square meters, has 16 machines interconnected on two production lines, capable of producing 600 cans of deodorant per minute. Before, 60% of these items came from Argentina and 40% were made by third parties in Brazil. With the transfer, the unit from São Paulo goes from importer to exporter to eight countries of the Southern Cone. Production in Argentina was terminated.

Brazil is the second largest consumer deodorant market in the world. The turnover last year, considering all varieties, such as spray and roll-on, was 11.57 billion reais. In the United States, sales totaled 17.3 billion reais. Considering only the spray category, which includes aerosol, Brazilians were ahead with 7.61 billion reais, followed by Americans with 5.03 billion reais.


Source: Valor