2016 Nobel Prize winner in chemistry, Sir Fraser Stoddart, launched a luxury skin care brand, Noble Panacea on the 24th of this month.

Following decades of research, the scottish chemist Sir Fraser Stoddart discovered his now patented Organic Molecular Vessel (OMV)™ Technology, a new delivery system which allows for the superior protection, penetration, and programmed time-release of potent active ingredients.

The in-house production of OMVs™ ensures pharmaceutical-grade purity that when coupled with the precise selection and encapsulation process, delivers highly efficacious results without any unnecessary additives or irritants.

Stoddart says: “Our OMVs ™ are environmentally friendly, created and handled through a very sophisticated process in small batches. The final formulation can take three weeks to create. This craft, together with the precise selection and encapsulation of active ingredients, aims to obtain unprecedented results ”.

At first there are two product lines: The Brilliant and The Absolute, for skin nourishment and increased cellular activity. Each formulation is inserted into a one-time Active Daily Dose system that preserves the potency of each formulation, preventing contamination and providing the precise dosage of product needed for best results.

TerraCycle CEO and Founder Tom Szaky pointed out: “Through its innovative approach, Noble Panacea is offering a powerful and sustainable option to divert empty Active Daily Dose packaging from landfills.”

“At TerraCycle we are fortunate to count Noble Panacea among a select group of luxury beauty brands that offer a consumer-facing recycling program.”