The Fundação O Boticario de Proteção à Natureza (O Boticário´s foundation of natureprotection) will launch this Tuesday the project Oasis, to preserve the Guarapiranga´s dam, which supplies water for Sao Paulo.

The Foundation intends to reserve for the project $ 5.52 in twelve years, half on own resources and half from other partners that will be called to collaborate to guarantee the water quality, which is supplied for around 3.8 million people in the city.

These values will be used to compensate financially the owners of the areas next to the dam that compromises themselves at least to not damage the forest cover of the region. Each one of the around 50 owners of terrains that will “adopt the natural areas” will receive from $ 1.8 thousand to $ 23 thousand per year, according to the size of the area and its contribution to the hydrographic basin. It will be spread plates with the name of the Foundation maintained by O Boticario on the dam surroundings.

In parallel, it is being settled in Sao Paulo’s capital one more Estação Natureza, a permanent exhibition about biodiversity. The first one was opened in 2001 in Curitiba, inside the Shopping Estação, Miguel Krigsner the company’s founder enterprise. There is yet another Estação Natureza in the Pantanal, one of the most natural regions of the country. On the Sao Paulo´s unity, which should be started until the end of 2007, it is being invested $ 920 thousand.

O Boticario has created the foundation 16 years ago and designates to it 1% of its net income. Until now it were supported by this initiative 1.051 research and preservation environment projects, at a coast of US$ 6,5 mns.

In interview to the newspaper Valor Economico of yesterday, Maria de Lourdes Nunes, executive director of the O Boticario´s foundation, said that it is not possible to measure the return the company have on Sales by actions in behalf of the nature, although bags, t-shirts and bracelets with foundation campaigns are exhibited on the around 2.4 thousand stores of the net spread throughout the country. The Project Oasis results are of long term.