O Boticario has taken an unprecedented step in technology applied to the performance of its products and has created a unique process to extract the well-known nutritional properties of quinoa, which do so well for the body. This time however, the focus is on the dermis.

Bioester, the purest quinoa oil, is an innovative element that ensures all body products in the Nativa SPA family, the effect of super nutrition for the skin. This unprecedented technology generated the patent application for the application of ester in cosmetic product.

The inspiration for this development came from an episode involving O Boticario´s founder in 2015, on a trip to Atacama. Miguel Krigsner, noticed the strong presence of quinoa in the typical dishes and had an insight – if the food is so good for the body, we should certainly use the nutrients for the skin care. Upon returning to Brazil, he brought together the Research and Development team to understand how to make the ingredient active, as golden quinoa oil would have to go through an unprecedented purification process in Brazil. Without being able to find an ideal raw material supplier, O Boticário created an exclusive equipment to perform the procedure in its own factory, in São José dos Pinhais, in Parana state.

Complete source of protein, rich in vitamins and antioxidants, the seed is considered a superfood and with the technology developed by the brand, its benefits now go beyond a food for the body, are a great source of nutrition for skin and hair. For example, iron, zinc, magnesium, potassium, vitamins and minerals such as calcium and omega 3 and 6 are properties that increase collagen production and prevent aging of the dermis, important points in the routine of personal care that bring proven results. with continuous use.

The composition of quinoa bioester is 24% omega 9, 52% omega 6, 6% omega 3 and 100g of vitamin E. All this results in a product 3 times more antioxidant than commonly used grape seed oil. in cosmetics.

For the process of purification of golden quinoa it is necessary to macerate the seeds to extract their oil and synthesize their Bioester. Then the distillation process, where purification begins, at which time all volatile contaminants are removed, making the Bioester even purer. The third step is decanting, a process that separates Bioester from the rest of the impurities, which did not evaporate in distillation. And finally, the polishing happens, which guarantees 100% pure Bioester.

“The whole process of purification of quinoa is based on innovation. Today it is done in a semi-automated way with dedicated technical operator and strict quality control ”, says Rodrigo Makowiecky Stuart, Senior Apothecary Researcher and responsible for the project.

In all, the company has already imported more than 7 tons of golden seed from the Andean Highlands in Peru for the extraction and purification of oil called Chenopodium Quinoa Seed Oil Ethyl Esters, the purest fraction of quinoa oil and that is only produced by O Boticario worldwide. “We note that the beauty industry is increasingly looking and getting inspired by the food industry, and this is growing because consumers today are voicing their beliefs about the relationship between lifestyle and diet that influence skin health,” comments Boticario´s Personal Care manager, Vanessa Machado.

O Boticario thus applies the quinoa bioster in the Nativa SPA line. There are 69 products, including moisturizing lotions, hand cream, bar and liquid soaps, body oils, exfoliating sugars and deodorants that carry in their composition purified quinoa drops, ensuring high nutrition power and antioxidant action for the skin. In 2018, Apothecary sold a quinoa item every two seconds.