O Boticário wants to help fight the pandemic of the new coronavirus in the country and, through the Instituto Boticário Group, donated 1.7 ton of alcohol in gel Cuide-se Bem to the Public Health System of Curitiba, city where the headquarters is located of the Group.

“O Boticário believes that when each one does his part, the whole gets stronger and stronger,” said Aline Mori, the brand’s marketing director. In addition to donating to SUS, the brand wants to reinforce and raise awareness of other measures to prevent the disease, available at home, such as the importance of washing hands with soap and water. “It is the most suitable recommendation for preventing transmission, and it can be put into practice countless times a day. It is not only about self-care, but a practice of love and consideration for everyone around you. The moment is one of union and collective sense ”, he adds.

The Alcohol Gel Cuide-se Bem has a concentration of 78% ethyl alcohol, which eliminates about 99.9% of bacteria.