In the next 20 days, O Boticário will give up its main sales tool – the showcases – to alert people about something much more important: the recycling of waste. Stores in Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and Salvador will have their entries completely revamped, inviting people to reflect on the proper disposal of empty cosmetic packaging.

Company´s logo will be replaced by the Boti Recicla brand – Brazil’s largest collection point recycling program. And instead of products, the windows will display empty flasks, jars and tubes collected over the past few weeks in stores.

The vehement action part of a major recycling campaign, which will be continued until the end of the year. It reinforces the communication from the company’s reverse logistics program, created in 2006 – in which all more than 3,700 brand stores in the country are collection points for post-use cosmetic packaging.

“Transforming our store into a recycling experience is undoubtedly of great impact to a business like ours. We will take away our brand and the release products from three high-flow stores in busy malls. But we do it for something bigger. It is a way to reinforce Boticário’s commitment to the search for a more sustainable future and to show our love for the space in which we live ”, explains Boticário’s Communication Director, Gustavo Fruges.

Estimates on the subject show that Brazilians produce on average 1 kilogram of pollutant waste per day. But only 58% of them are recycled correctly. “We still have a long way to go. We know the strength of our brand, so loved by Brazilians. It is also our role to mobilize people to improve the world we live in. To encourage them to reflect and, especially, to take more conscious attitudes ”, adds the director.

Barra Shopping (RJ), Shopping Ibirapuera (SP) and Salvador Shopping (BA) stores will be in this format between October 22nd and November 10th. In addition to post-consumer packaging, each showcase will bring a message about the impact people generate. In São Paulo, for example, the space will gather around 2,000 packages – the same volume produced by the city’s population every second.

In addition to the visual change, the buying journey of consumers at these points of sale will also change. The attending team will point to the brand’s sustainable practices – not only in relation to recycling, but also on issues such as: use of recycled raw materials in its packaging and even store furniture, eco-efficient and vegan formulations and a commitment not to test. animal products.

Also marking the beginning of the campaign, 3D printers will be installed at stores in São Paulo (Shopping Ibirapuera) and Rio de Janeiro (Barra Shopping) on the first day of the campaign to produce key holders.