After opening its second store in Dubai in March, in the largest mall in the world, the Dubai Mall – known for its majestic design and 1,200 stores that bring together the best and most current in the world, O Boticario, the largest franchise network with over 3,700 selling points, in 1,750 Brazilian cities and more than 900 franchisees, has created a concept store to offer new brand experiences, raising the status of consumer enchantment and storytelling of products in Brazil.

Company celebrates its 42 years with the inauguration of one of the most technological beauty stores in the country: O Boticário Lab, is the new concept of selling point of the brand, inaugurated in the floor L2 of Shopping Pátio Batel (Curitiba), origin of the brand O Boticário.

“We are really committed to re-meaning the consumer experience in our stores and O Boticário Lab is the materialization of this intention. The idea is to supply this unique space with a lot of storytelling of some of the secrets of our products, offering a personalized experience of the brand with our consumers, “says André Farber, vice president of Franchises of Grupo Boticário.

The project, which bears the signature of the office of Bel Lobo and Bob Neri, and worked on customization, exclusivity, experimentation and premiunization.

Visitors have access to first-time beauty retailing technologies such as augmented reality, interactive makeup mirror, omni channel system, pick up store and mobile payment, as well as other tools that will be deployed to enhance the audience experience.

Premium Perfumery

The brand still selected five of its finest perfumery creations to launch exclusively at O Boticário Lab. Only in the concept store consumers will be able to find five new versions of its 214 premium perfumery. They are: 214 Rose Magnifique, with notes from Rosa de Bulgaria; the 214 Black Vanilla, which combines Cuban rum with vanilla from Madagascar; 214 Wood & Amber with amber touch and cedar from Lebanon; 214 Spicy Wood, which combines noble wood and cinnamon from Laos; and 214 White Neroli , which brings in its composition the Italian Mandarina and the Neroli fromTunisia.

Another great launch, made during the inauguration, is The Blend, an men´s eau de parfum upper premium, that mixes spices, the warmth of amber and the strength of the leather, bringing the most elegant in international high perfumery only to O Boticário Lab.


With the help of technology, members of Clube Viva (brand loyalty) can have a totally personalized service and directed to their preferences. An interactive mirror created by Grupo Boticário’s technology lab, allows visitors to access make tutorials, as well as record their own “before and after”.

The area devoted to the art of perfumery, reveals secrets of some of the best fragrances of the brand. Augmented reality and virtual transport the consumer to several countries from where O Boticario takes the best raw materials that their perfumes carry. The process of enfleurage (of Lily), the distillation of the wine alcohol of Malbec and the precious varied combinations of Botica 214 are revealed in this space.

One of the main highlights is the environment dedicated to the important moments of the brand, with the exhibition of original objects from the collection. The children have a fun space with Montessori planning next to the lines available for the age group.


Modular furniture requires less intervention with civil works, considerably reducing waste production. The project predicts less use of acrylic and the optimization of the needs of steel, aluminum and MDF sheets. All wood used in the store is FSC certified and the lighting is made 100% in LED, designed to create a cozier environment with more economy. The reduction in energy consumption can reach 20% on average.

“We have made great strides in recent years. But the search for a more sustainable operation is constant. Stores are our main point of contact with the consumer. Therefore, they play a key role in this process, not only for the brand, but for the mobilization of society as a whole. For us, this determines the role of O Boticário in the world “, says the Group’s VP of franchises.

Also present at Boticário Lab, the Boti Recicla program is permanent O Boticário’s reverse logistics and recycling campaign. Collectors are present year-round in the stores and consumers are encouraged to dispose of packaging sustainably after the product ends.
All of the more than 3,700 stores of the brand are prepared to direct this waste to the almost 35 approved cooperatives that make the selection and recycling of the materials.

Through the program, all empty containers are collected, decharacterized and sent to cooperatives of collectors and local partners, who manage the waste. The action aims at reducing environmental impacts and involves consumers, franchisees, consultants, employees and suppliers.