In a scenario of a global health crisis, Grupo Boticário launches a film alerting to the new reality and the need for social distance in the fight against Coronavirus and in support of the #FicaEmCasa movement (#Stay at Home).

The brand, which encourages care and affection with those you love, being together, with the film proposes a break in the embrace, but not in love, and recalls that other forms of affection help in that moment.

Launched on Sunday (22) during the Fantástico breaks, on TV Globo, the film points out that even from afar, on the other side of the screen, whether from the computer or the cell phone, sometimes not being close is being more together than ever .

The brand invites society to pause in the embrace, never in love, joining this movement with a series of information disseminated on its social networks, encouraging awareness and mutual collective care, to avoid contamination by the virus and contain the spread of disease.

“O Boticário believes that when each one does his part, the whole becomes stronger and stronger. The moment is for union ”, warns Gustavo Fruges, Boticário’s communication director. “This is the movement that Boticário believes to be important in this scenario” he adds.

The company has taken all necessary measures to support the prevention of Coronavirus contamination (COVID-19), complying with the health and safety protocols established by the authorities and agencies of each state and city in which it operates, in addition to closely monitoring the deployment the situation.

“When everyone does their part, the whole gets stronger and stronger,” believes the Group, which announced the donation of 1.7 tonnes of gel alcohol to the Municipal Health Department of Curitiba (PR). The antiseptic is part of the Cuide-se Bem line and has a concentration of 78% ethyl alcohol, which eliminates 99% of bacteria.