O Boticário launched the first fine perfumery of Nativa SPA, the eau de toilette, with the use of eco-alcohol.

Result of the combination of innovation, technology and sustainability, eco-alcohol – also known as second generation ethanol (E2G) – produced by Raízen has sugarcane as its raw material and is of 100% renewable origin.

In its production process, eco-alcohol is made from the sugarcane bagasse, which in the traditional process would be burned or discarded. This technology allows an integral use of the cane, reducing the carbon footprint by more than 30%, compared to conventional alcohol market, and thus has less impact on the planet’s climate changes.

“From product design to packaging, it is important for the consumer to know all the characteristics of what he is buying. We are very pleased with the delivery and performance of our Nativa Spa eau de toilette line, because this element does not alter the perfumery smell, which remains flawless. “Comments Vanessa Machado, Boticário’s personal care manager.

To help the consumer to recognize the product at the time of purchase, O Boticário created the label “With eco-alcohol”. Queen Vanilla and Royal Plum eau de toilette – more intense versions of the Royal Vanilla and Plum families.

Most Beloved Company

The company celebrates the seal of “Most Beloved Beauty Brand by Brazilians,” according to Kantar Worldpanel, a global consumer behavior specialist. The award, held annually, maps through surveys and analyzes the shopping habits of Brazilians.