O Boticário, the largest network of cosmetic franchises in Brazil, launches its new positioning “Where has love has beauty”, according to the company, an invitation to live extraordinary stories that are only possible through love.

In reviewing one’s trajectory, the brand recognizes itself in the great and small demonstrations of affection and instigates its audience to live real stories of love, from experiences that translate the feeling in simple gestures of the day to day.

The campaign rescues affective memories, such as the real story of a couple in which the husband, in the face of losing his wife’s vision, enrolls in a makeup course to keep her always beautiful, the way she likes to be, demonstrating the dedication and love. Des and Mona, the British protagonists of this story, were the inspiration for the film “Makeup”, which debuts on Sunday, and brings the brand’s new value proposition.


“O Boticario is made of stories, so nothing better than using this feature to tell the value proposition of this brand. We always talk about emotion and feeling and what we are doing now is calling them by the right name: love. The new positioning is a natural evolution of what we have been doing over the years, “says Cristiane Irigon, Communication Director at Boticario. “We chose this story to represent this new moment of O Boticário,” she explains.

In addition to the campaign, the value proposition “Where there is love has beauty” is already materialized in the Boticário Lab unit, inaugurated on March 21 in Curitiba. Inspired by the laboratory that gave rise to the brand, the store translates to the essence of Apothecary present in each category.

“Undoubtedly, this is one of the most emotional jobs ever developed by the brand. All the people who are part of the team have been totally involved with the theme in recent months, whether for concept definition, strategy and creation, “says Rynaldo Gondim, CCO of Heads.

The institutional film that premiered yesterday (March 31), in the break of a highlight program of main TV (TV Globo), invites to the perception of how much beauty has the love and how much love can be celebrated in small gestures. The video, created by the agency Heads Propaganda, can be seen on the brand’s proprietary channels, as well as open and closed TV and digital media.