When it was released in 1979, Acqua Fresca started the history of O Boticario in the perfumery and marked the national market, which gained a fresh fragrance and soon a great hit. Its amphora-shaped bottle was also a novelty, and over the years it has become a classic. The company modernizes now its iconic flask with the launch of New Acqua Fresca, described as a delicate re-reading of the new citricals.

“Inside the amphoras were bottled some of the most emblematic fragrances of O Boticario, which until today awaken the olfactory memory and the deepest emotions in many people. They now receive a new look, following the evolution of perfumery, “says the Perfumery Manager of O Boticário, Jean Bueno. “We also bring in a new fragrance and put together these great classics – Thaty, Anni, Cecita, Free, Acqua Fresca – in the Boticollection collection. The amphorae bring the alchemy of our perfumery, transforming natural ingredients into fragrances that inspire people to live new stories, “he adds.

New Acqua Fresca is inspired by a quiet conversation on the porch at dusk. The combination of Verbena from Africa and Guatemala’s Lime Grass form the exclusive Verveine chord – an explosion of freshness. The starting notes and body are enhanced by the presence of citrical fruits, such as apple and lemon, and flowers, plus the velvety touch provided by amber and musk in the bottom.

The amphoras bring new finishes, gaining a more sophisticated and modern air, and also more functionality, with the inclusion of the valve. The flask was stylized, bringing transparency to the lid, but maintaining the organic lines that remit to the previous format. The cartridges refer to the main raw materials that make up each fragrance.

The novelties arrives this week to the stores of O Boticario, e-commerce and resellers of the brand..