O Boticario
has taken to Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo, a differentiated marketing action to divulge the second phase of the new company positioning.

With the slogan Believe on Beauty, on a “alive teaser” shape, 20 models, dressed as the first film – “Repression”, went on parade through strategic concentration of people points, promoting products experimentation, carrying plates with phrases on behalf of beauty.

Campaign aims to attract attention of the public for the second film, “Contagion”, which is being divulged on main TV.

The action was a kind of representation of choice freedom of women which wants to fell pretty all the time. Models represented this wish using make-up, earrings, colorful flowers glued on the clothes and spreading perfumes on the air.

Total investment on the communication platform of O Boticário new positioning is $ 19 mns, the greatest of brand history on institutional actions.