A new study by Organic Monitor has found that just 35% of consumers look for symbols and logos when buying natural personal care products.

The report, which is based on in-depth interviews with buyers of natural products, attributes the high growth in the UK natural personal care market to consumers’ concerns about synthethic chemicals in personal care products.

Whilst parabens were identified as the chemicals causing most concern certification to clarify the contents of products is not important to most buyers. Of the 35% who do look for logos, roughly half look for the Soil Association symbol. However 79% said they would be willing to pay extra for certified products.

The report also found that 89% of buyers of natural personal care products stated that avoiding synthetic chemicals was important or very important to them, and 71% said ethical and health considerations were the primary motives for natural purchases.

The study finds that the typical buyer of natural personal care products is female, young to middle-aged, well-educated and in the higher social bands. Although most purchases are by seasoned shoppers who have been buying natural personal care products for over 2 years, most new consumers are from the younger age groups.